A history and contemporary uses of the wellesley hills railway station designed by hh richardson

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A history and contemporary uses of the wellesley hills railway station designed by hh richardson

Wellesley Square Railroad Depot Source: Specifically, Jacobs argues that landmarks serve two vital purposes beyond simply helping to provide orientation for residents and visitors. Inthe landmark stone railroad depot in Wellesley Square was torn down and replaced with the brick post office that currently occupies this site at the northern end of Grove Street.

For a building constructed in the early s, the post office is amazingly classical in its appearance and fits really well within the rest of Wellesley Square. Rather, the unfortunate part was what the town lost in the stone depot. Indeed, one can easily argue it was relevant to the development of the entire metro Boston area.

Seems a bit unnecessary and over the top, right? Sure, for some decades after the railroad was laid out in the s, depots were little more than shelter for waiting passengers or a place for locals to congregate.

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But starting in the last quarter of the 19th Century, society began to view the role they played within suburban communities a bit differently. Urban planning pioneer Charles Mulford Robinson explained this new perspective in a essay on the beautification of suburban railroad stations: It means the extension of the home atmosphere quite to the railroad track.

Richardson would only design 12 stations before his death in His successor firm of Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge, however, would carry the project to completion, imitating his designs for the construction of the other 20 depots. In Wellesley, a total of four stone stations were constructed: Of these, the largest and most impressive was the depot in Wellesley Square — perhaps a surprising move considering this village center was still early in its evolution into a formal business district.

For 73 years, this depot served as the gateway to Wellesley Square. Residents even called it a landmark. Maybe not as prominent or significant as Town Hall — how could it? Moreover, the stone depot provided a visual reminder of the importance of the railroad to the development of Wellesley.

After all, had the iron horse not first come through this area, and instead traveled through Weston, it is certainly true that our town would have taken on a totally different character and maybe never even separated from Needham.

The Town actually had an opportunity to purchase the station inbut Town Meeting declined the offer by 11 votes. In swooped the United States Postal Service, which had already negotiated a deal with a local developer that would call for the demolition of the stone depot and subsequent construction of the brick building that currently occupies the site.

For decades, the post office had been located in the Norman Block on the south side of Washington Street in extremely cramped quarters with little parking. This new location would give its workers and customers the space that was needed.

A handful for expanded parking lots. Five more for the Mass Pike Extension in the early s. We lost a station altogether.

A history and contemporary uses of the wellesley hills railway station designed by hh richardson

Today, the Wellesley Square MBTA commuter rail stop consists of nothing more than a platform abutting several parking lots in the shadow of the Crest Road bridge. Talk about a double whammy. So hopefully it goes without saying:Explore Marlajeanthedingaling's board "HH Richardson" on Pinterest.

| See more ideas about Architecture, Romanesque Architecture and Architects. "Railway Station Clock - I have this clock hanging between our Living room, and our Dining room, it looks beautiful!" The Old Colony station illustrates Richardson's use of Japanese.

Seven Hills Railway Station is a good representative example of a mid-sized, midth century railway station in an urban context that demonstrates adaptation of Inter-War Functionalist style architecture in a railway setting.

A Brief History of the Shire The Hills Shire, north west of Sydney, occupies an area from Baulkham Hills in the south to Wisemans Ferry in the north.

The Shire is one of the fastest growing Local Government areas in Sydney, with two thirds in the north being rural land used for farming and other agricultural industries. Unfortunately, what happened in Wellesley Square wasn’t all that unusual.

Of the 32 stations designed by Richardson or Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge on the Boston & Albany Railroad, twenty have been torn down. A handful for expanded parking lots. Five more for the Mass Pike Extension in the early s.

A stone station building with hipped roof survived the WHR’s closure in but was a ruin when work began in the late s to restore the site to railway use. The building was dismantled carefully, for re-erection later, but contractors mistakenly used the stone for a new wall beside the track.

The station was packed after the event and she was jostled by the crowd behind her as a train arrived, causing her to fall under the wheels. The present station, in a more central location, opened in following construction of a railway embankment across the north of the natural harbour.

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