An analysis of aunt rosanas rocker by nicholasa mohr

Although the story is told in a realistic style, the fact that a spiritualist is called in to exorcise the demon that seemingly has possessed Zoraida and, more important, the fact that the reader learns at the end of the story that Zoraida has somehow been taken over by the spirit of her dead great-aunt Rosana, suggest some of the elements of Magical Realism that characterizes the fiction of such Latin American writers as Isabel Allende. As Zoraida lies in bed at the conclusion of the story, she thinks that without the rocker she will not be able to sit there and meet all of her suitors.

An analysis of aunt rosanas rocker by nicholasa mohr

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Aunt Rosana's Rocker Summary -

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I found the novel interesting and different from ordinary novels because Nilda had a different style of writing, a journal-like style. Over , aunt rosanas rocker-hispanic-a essays, aunt rosanas rocker-hispanic-a term papers, aunt rosanas rocker.

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An analysis of aunt rosanas rocker by nicholasa mohr

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