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What are the various types of financial markets? The financial markets can broadly be divided into money and capital market. Money Market Money market is a market for debt securities that pay off in the short term usually less than one year, for example the market for days treasury bills.

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This market encompasses the trading and issuance of short term non equity debt instruments including treasury bills, commercial Cls 410, bankers acceptance, certificates of deposits, etc.

Capital Market Capital market is a market for long-term debt and equity shares. In this market, the capital funds comprising of both equity and debt are issued and traded. This also includes private placement sources of debt and equity as well as organized markets like stock exchanges. Capital market can be further divided into primary and secondary markets.

What is meant by the Secondary Market? Majority of the trading is done in the secondary market. Secondary market comprises of equity markets and the debt markets. For the general investor, the secondary market provides an efficient platform for trading of his securities.

For the management of the company, Secondary equity markets serve as a monitoring and control conduit - by facilitating value-enhancing control activities, enabling implementation of incentive-based management contracts, and aggregating information via price discovery that guides management decisions.

In the primary market, securities are offered to public for subscription for the purpose of raising capital or fund. Secondary market could be either auction or dealer market. While stock exchange is the part of an auction market, Over-the-Counter OTC is a part of the dealer market.

Who is a broker? A broker is a member of a recognized stock exchange, who is permitted to do trades on the screen-based trading system of different stock exchanges.

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He is enrolled as a member with the concerned exchange and is registered with SEBI. Who is a sub broker? A sub broker is a person who is registered with SEBI as such and is affiliated to a member of a recognized stock exchange. What is SEBI and what is its role?

The SEBI is the regulatory authority established under Section 3 of SEBI Act to protect the interests of the investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate, the securities market and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

What is the pay-in day and pay- out day? Pay in day is the day when the brokers shall make payment or delivery of securities to the exchange. Pay out day is the day when the exchange makes payment or delivery of securities to the broker.

The exchanges have to ensure that the pay out of funds and securities to the clients is done by the broker within 24 hours of the payout. The Exchanges will have to issue press release immediately after pay out. What is an Auction? The Exchange purchases the requisite quantity in the Auction Market and gives them to the buying trading member.

The shortages are met through auction process and the difference in price indicated in contract note and price received through auction is paid by member to the Exchange, which is then liable to be recovered from the client.

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism provided by a stock exchange for resolving disputes between the trading members and their clients in respect of trades done on the exchange.The Equities section provides with an insight into the equities segment of NSE & BSE and also provides real-time quotes and statistics of the equities market.

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