Current essays for competitive exams questions

If you are preparing for competitive exams then you will need to address the General Awareness and Current Affairs section in almost every paper. So here is a list of books and authors and why they are in the news. Learn a little bit of trivia about books and authors current affairs. Download this article as pdf Download this article as pdf Books and Authors Current Affairs — Tips on how to remember this list!

Current essays for competitive exams questions

Why is it important to read the newspaper? Because in the government job exams, at all three stages preliminary, Mains and interview. They ask questions related to current affairs.

To write a decent essay, you need facts and viewpoints. Because the magazines have the page limit, they cannot give justice to every single topic, even if they wish to. Secondly, such magazines or websites for competitive exams do not help you in the profile-based interview questions or role-playing questions.

What are profile-based interview questions? Your profile is made up of: Location-based questions Socio, political, administrative and economic problems of your city, district and state.

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Academic background based questions. What was the controversy in the Jaipur literature festival? Hobby Tennis, Cricket, Chess, Computer: When the interview or group-discussion GD is barely days away. Then They start google searching for GK related to their profile. In such a short time, you cannot cover all satisfactorily.

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Therefore, daily reading of newspaper is essential. Should I read more than one newspaper? It depends on your time and energy, otherwise one newspaper is enough. I think, this is an overkill. What are the important items in a newspaper?

Current Affairs for all competitive Exams

First go through the old question papers of UPSC at least last three yearsthat should give you a rough idea on what questions are asked directly or indirectly from newspaper. And then read the newspaper keeping that in mind. Various bills, minutes of Cabinet meetings.

The big full-page advertisements given by ruling party, about their achievements. This usually comes before the election and on the birth anniversary of Nehru Gandhi Family.

It is important because, they list out the various developmental schemes and provisions in it. Any problems or controversies. You have to prepare these for both Union as well as your own state Government.

Press conferences of political parties and civil society. No need to do Ph.

current essays for competitive exams questions

D on every scam. All you have to do is brief highlight of what was the scam, how was it committed, what is the presence status in investigation or court and how to prevent it in future.

Learn to skip the garbage sentences while you are reading a news item. Same goes for elections: How much does it weigh? International News Bilateral visits of prime ministers and presidents. What treaties or trade pacts did they sign? Elections in the big nations: Political or military coup usually in South America and Africa.

Climate change, environment related news. What is not important? How many people are killed in a car bomb blast in Pakistan or Afghanistan? For example sex-scandles of Italian PM or marital wooes of Sarkozy. Click Me to read it.The topics are helpful for students of schools, colleges, competitive exams candidates Corruption in Public Life: Essay, Paragraphs and Articles in English Language For Schools and Board Exams July 19, entranciology 0.

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List of 10 essays for competitive exams on 1. The political and economic implications of the Indo-Iran Gas Pipeline 2. The role played by the United States in promoting/hindering improved relations between India .

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List of 10 essays for competitive exams