Essay on computer and its applications

Essay on Computers Words Article shared by: Read this comprehensive essay on Computers! Basically, computer is a device that accepts the message by the imputer and processes this message and stores the information at the storage devices and later gives an output of the message through the output devices.

Essay on computer and its applications

Essay 10 - The Computer and its Application Introduction Since the time of Escher, computers have increasingly been used in the drawing and design of tessellations, of both the mathematical e.

Consequently, the possibilities of this tool open up new vistas, in both the designing i. As such, although by no means an expert in this field indeed, my knowledge is most limited in the applications at least of computers to tessellation, it would be amiss of me not to give my thoughts and opinions on the subject, of which the following thus discusses.

Designing on the Computer Escherization The design stage as regards the representational aspect appears to me to be most limited in extent. For example, an expert in computers and in computer graphicsCraig S.

Kaplan, uses his Escherization method to compose examples, but these are noticeably lacking in quality when compared to Escher and his few successors of note. In addition, the method he uses is not a matter of Essay on computer and its applications I would term as 'design', as he in effect takes an arbitrary shape and instructs the computer to adapt this into a tessellating shape.

However, as it is still relatively early days with the computer especially so as regards to tessellationso improvements in such matters must be expected in due course.

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However, quite when, or indeed if this will occur is speculative. If a program can be written to accomplish this, any need for human effort would be made redundant. Indeed, progress is being made.

However, such an ideal is far from even remotely being accomplished, indeed, if it ever will. An analogy perhaps can be drawn with that of a different field, music.

Although it is possible to reduce musical notation to a mathematical analysis, and thereby with the potential to examine 'all possibilities', there appears to be no shortage of new music being composed, of whatever genre.

A possible similar situation may also arise with tessellation — the variety of motifs, of differing poses, of differing symmetry systems may prove impractical to unite to a computer program.

Essay on computer and its applications

Tessellation Software In recent years various specific tessellation software packages have arisen, with those aimed at the representational type including Tesselmania! Escher's Legacy and the website www.

Essay on computer and its applications

However, these to me appear somewhat limiting in their inherent capability and the extent of the software if a degree of quality of the motif is assumed as stated in Essay 6, Categories - Assessing the Inherent Quality of Motifs, as I regard this the most important factor in designing.

Indeed, Lee's software inadvertently illustrates this. As can be seen from the above, this is now into its third incarnation, and yet the tessellations produced by people using this including Lee, who would be most aware of its capabilitiesshow tessellations that generally remain of an inferior standard, albeit admittedly the occasional one of relative quality is indeed shown.

Generally, the motifs are of my lower categories, 3 to 5, as discussed in Essay 6. Furthermore, there is no discernable difference in quality of the motifs shown despite additions of features such as a full complement of the 28 Heesch types and perfect colouring between the first and last versions.

The degree of 'fine control' that can be obtained from traditional media such as a pencil is missing.APPLICATIONS OF COMPUTER A I D E D INSTRUCTION By C.

Hendrickson, 1 A. M. ASCE, A. Pasquale, 2 W. Robinson, 3 and M. Rossi-Velasco 4 i ABSTRACT: Computer aided instruction (CAI) offers numerous advantages for education and training when properly designed and implemented. Introduction: Computer is an electronic device which can take input from the user and process this input data and if need, store data or information on storage devices and give output on output devices.

A computer works successfully using its hardware and fully installed application software.

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Other accessories of the computer are keyboard, mouse, printer, CPU and UPS. The data which we put into the computer using device is called input data and device as input device and data which we take outside using printer or other device is called as. The Evolution of the Computer Essay example The history of computers initially started with humans using tools like pebbles and notches in sticks to count objects.

The human aspect of computers is that they wanted a way to do calculations, which includes adding and multiplying multiple numbers. Basically, computer is a device that accepts the message by the imputer and processes this message and stores the information at the storage devices and later .

Computer aided learning is the process of using information technology to help teaching and enhance the learning process. The use of computer can reduce .

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