Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government

Inabout one million sets were in use: As television began reaching into nearly very living room in America, it brought questions about its content -- should it be regulated, and how?

Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government

Submit We used to regulate television and movies and no one died. People seem to think regulation of the internet violates some principal of freedom, like free speech. Well when you have a supreme court that ludicrously equates pornography with free speech this is an understandable, but wrong position.

The government used to be in the business of protecting the base unit of society, the family. Television and movies were regulated for content and with good reason--look what we have now without that oversight.

We forget that freedom requires responsible behavior—we confuse liberty with license, thinking that freedom means you can do anything you want. Not if you want a healthy civil society.

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Human beings as a whole and Americans in particular are incapable of self-regulation. People will do anything they think they can get away with and more.

Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government

One of the fundamental purposes of government is to regulate the behavior of society to ensure domestic order—that is why we have laws. The internet is a conduit touching all levels of society and when that conduit spews barbarism etc.

We now have access to more information than we did in the entire history of mankind before the internet, yet we are also more ignorant and functionally illiterate that ever before--we do nothing constructive with all that knowledge.

The problem in America now is not necessarily the internet; it is we have no concept of the proper exercise of legitimate authority. The funny thing is people seem to be angry at the idea of regulating things like pornography but no one cares that the government already regulates all our electronic communication by spying on us.

If you really care about freedom as opposed to license then get angry about the NSA.Broadcast indecent material b. Operate without a federal license c. Traffic in stolen goods d.

We used to regulate television and movies and no one died.

Criticize elected officials Whether or not the government should regulate the media c. What kind of government regulations should exist d. How to enforce the regulations Combo with "Media Midterm" and 24 others.

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V. PRIVATE REGULATION OF SPEECH ON THE INTERNET. Commercial speech disseminated by means of the Internet may therefore be regulated by the federal government (if the distribution is intended for interstate consumption) and by state and local governments in the place where the speech originates.

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Criminal. Can the Internet be regulated? Can the Internet be regulated? Skip to navigation; Skip to content; The negative aspects of the Internet.

Government reports(32) and the media tend to emphasise the more negative aspects of the Internet.

In the first in a three part series, I explore why demanding internet service providers and search engines filter pornography is wrong from a socio, legal, and technological point of view. Federal law prohibits obscene, indecent and profane content from being broadcast on the radio or TV. That may seem clear enough, but determining what obscene, indecent and profane mean can be difficult, depending on who you talk to. Nov 16,  · Government Entities Tax Information for Federal, State, and Local Governments Federal, State, and Local Governments facilitates cooperation through partnerships with federal, state, and local government agencies for the purpose of meeting their federal tax responsibilities, with a focus on customer service and fairness .

Members of Congress debated whether to proscribe 'indecent' materials as proposed by Hyde . Though there is such disadvantage, I believe internet should still be regulated by the government. When compared the level of internet censorship between Hong Kong and China, it is less strict in Hong Kong.

Certain individuals feel as though the Internet should be governmentally regulated and censored in order to protect the youth of America. On the other hand, the regulation of material on the Internet would, in fact, violate the First Amendment right to free speech and expression.

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