Technology advancements since the 1970s

Invention that was birthed in the 50s and 60s became products to fill store shelves and catalogues in the 70s. The Consumer Electronics Show CES even moved to a twice-a-year format in the boom of all the gadgets and consumer-facing electronics hitting the market. Including everything from the cell phone to the person computer itself, most of the technology we use today find their common ancestors from a product sold in the s. The Floppy Disk The floppy disk may be a largely obsolete technology at this point but its legacy is huge.

Technology advancements since the 1970s

Technological Advances of the s by on Prezi Rosetta disk is announced.

It was originally available in in Japan. It came to the U. S and other countries in The s were considered the Walman's decade. The PC came equipped with 16 kilobytes of memory, expandable to k. The PC came with one or two k floppy disk drives and an optional color monitor.

Maurice Hilleman invented the vaccine. The vaccine was approved in It orbited the Earth 37 times during its hour mission.

Technology advancements since the 1970s

Columbia carried a crew of two, mission commander John W. Young and pilot Robert L. Mar 14, The Internet Inthe Internet protocol suite was standardized, and consequently, the concept of a world-wide network of interconnected networks, called the Internet, was introduced.

Today the Internet continues to grow, driven by great amounts of online information, commerce, entertainment, and social networking. Oct 12, Compact Disc It was originally made to store and play back sound recordings only. The format was later adapted to store data, photos, video, and other things.

Technology advancements since the 1970s

They are increasingly being replaced by downloading and flas drives. May 14, Sony Betacam Sony released the Betacam to the public. The key component was a camera-recorder unit that eliminated the need for a cable.

This made much more freedom for the person recording. It took the gaming console too levels never seen before. It offered graphics superior to any previous gaming units and, a wide variety of popular games.

Jun 12, Cell Phone Invented In the first cell phone was available to the public. The cell phone weighed 2 pounds and only offered a half-hour talk time between each charge.

It costed 3, dollars. The new Macs are pretty popular computers now. It can be used to find out who commited a crime and what happened at the crime.Most of the technology we use today find their common ancestors from a product sold in the s. So let's look back at the 7 big tech advancements from the s that completely changed the world.

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In many ways, the advancement of science and technology since World War II (WWII) has acted a lot like that snowball - out of a few small technological developments and breakthroughs has come even. As a result, American culture was greatly influenced by the significant scientific and technological advancements in the s particularly in computer and electronics technology.

1. Describe how recent advancements in technology (since or so) have changed the arts and arts education.

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Answer: Since or so there has been many changes in technology that have affected arts education. Advancements in technology such as the internet, computers, and more art education programs have played a major effect.

s Technology Advancements Timeline created by Colin Sabers. In Science and Technology. May 19, The Sony Walkman It was released in North America in August, It was not in color, but Gameboys have advenced alot since then. You might like: Louis XIV, France to Timeline Project.

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