Twitter new york times science writers

The report named dozens of individuals who it found had either bought part of their audience or had someone near them do so, with or without their knowledge or consent.

Twitter new york times science writers

Old tweets in which Jeong, a reporter for the tech website the Verge who is of Korean heritage, criticized and made jokes about white people were resurfaced on a rightwing blog run by Jim Hoft.

One of the tweets said: The Times has decided to allow Jeong to stay in the role but in a statement said that it does not condone her language, saying it was not acceptable at the Times. But she also says she deeply regrets the language she used. He went on to claim that liberals had redefined racism to make it impossible to be racist to white people.

The strategy is to divide and conquer by forcing newsrooms to disavow their colleagues one at a time. Jay Cassano jcassano A missing piece of the analysis of faux outrage around Sarah Jeong being hired by the Times is that the goal of the outrage is not to get her fired; it's to use it as a wedge to polarize people into distrusting the media more.

When Twitter first launched, many joked it was just a website where people wrote about what they had for breakfast.

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While it was never that dull, for the first couple of years the tenor of most tweets were micro-updates, personal, a kind of running commentary shared often between small cliques. Now, as the website has become the de facto place for major companies to make public statements and the US president to announce policy, Twitter is a website of record.

But while the medium has gone from being conversational to consequential, all those old tweets hang around, like a 4am party conversation you had 10 years ago suddenly being forwarded to everyone you know.

Gunn joked about child molestation and rape. Gunn was fired from the franchise. The result is a situation in which antisemitic trolls and a blog with a history of defending white supremacy can accuse an Asian writer of racism. When her employer defends her against the charge, figures on the right use that to stoke racial tensions and claim liberals are racists.Robin Wright has been a contributing writer to The New Yorker since Her first piece on Iran won the National Magazine Award for best reporting.

A former correspondent for the Washington Post.

twitter new york times science writers

The New York Times building in New York City. (Reuters/Shannon Stapleton) For some mysterious reason, my name keeps coming up in connection with that of Sarah Jeong, a writer .

Dispensing death and clemency capriciously — killing on petulant impulse, granting pardons at whim — gives me an Olympian view of how men must live and die in battle or disasters: one just unlucky, in the wrong place at the wrong moment, while the guy next to him is miraculously spared for no reason at all.

Twitter Email Former Roanoke Times reporter Beth Macy will be speaking at Sweet Briar College at p.m. Thursday as part of the college’s writers’ series. Watch video · Science & Nature; Music; Cooking; Share this video on Twitter New York Times writer explores masculinity in memoir. After childhood sexual abuse, New York Times writer .

Oct 26,  · Credit Credit Alex Welsh for The New York Times. By Mr. Young-White is a stand-up comedian and writer who was recently named a correspondent on .

twitter new york times science writers
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