Wildlife rehabilitation center essay

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Wildlife rehabilitation center essay

Nusa Penida is only 45 minute by boat from the mainland, so you can combine a holiday with volunteering.

We welcome individuals, couples or larger groups. Read what our volunteers have said about us Want to know what others think? By volunteering with us you get to stay in a unique environment, take part in conservation and community development work, and provide funds that help FNPF to continue its work.

Cottages for our volunteers. About Nusa Penida, Bali Nusa Penida is a small, beautiful, and unspoilt island, and has stunning beaches, amazing coral reefs, rocky hill terrain, sheer cliffs.

Traditional Balinese village culture farming, seaweed production, traditional ikat weaving, and religious activities has been maintained, untouched Wildlife rehabilitation center essay tourism.

Wildlife rehabilitation center essay

Very few western tourists visit Nusa Penida. Each village has passed a traditional regulations obliging residents to protect birds from poachers and bird traders. We are now working with selected villages to extend this community-based protection of wildlife to Wildlife rehabilitation center essay sea turtles.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.

One village has agreed to work with FNPF to monitor and protect the turtles, and replant the mangrove trees. Have have build a monitoring post and are considering starting a turtle hatchery similar to the one we run in Kalimantan. In return for the community-based protection of wildlife, we sponsor children to attend school and university; runs a community library; funds traditional dance classes; teaches sustainable farming; grows and freely distributes tree saplings for villages to generate future income from agro-forestry; and plants trees on degraded land to restore forests.

Education and economic improvements that are in harmony with the environment enable the local communities to improve their well-being and participation in conservation. The restoration of forests reduces soil erosion, increases rainfall and provides economic benefit to residents and a habitat for birds.

The view from our dining area. For more details, see our FAQ page. What can you do? Volunteers participate in general volunteering activities, and project specific activities see below. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with the FNPF staff in a variety of activities, including: Writing grant proposals to raise funds.

The type of activities that are offered by FNPF depend on the time of the year we plant during the wet seasonthe amount of time available to plan your activities teaching schedule in local schools need to be agreed in advance with the teachersand your specific skills and interests.

Our goal is for you to help us, whilst also ensuring that you have an enjoyable and interesting experience on Nusa Penida. You will also have enough spare time to enjoy the island. The island is large, so it is best to rent a motorcycle. We also have some bicycles available for your use.

For more information, please click here. We encourage you to visit the many villages on the island, because this is an important way of showing the local population that FNPF is bringing tourists to Nusa Penida.

Volunteers generally work for 3 — 4 hours a day on the afore-mentioned activities.

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In addition, we invite locals to come to the FNPF Centre in the evenings to practice their spoken English and we request that volunteers are available to provide conversational English classes. Lastly, we welcome any specialist skills that can help our work.

According to the availability of volunteers with specific skills, we can organize specific events, such as music and yoga classes for the local youth. Overall, we ask for a pro-active attitude and we are seeking volunteers who want to participate and who are willing to find ways to help.

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Therefore, it is partly up to you to pro-actively ask them what you can do to help. The center is across the road from a beach which overlooks the Bali Sea.

In this setting, you will be woken up by cockerels at sunrise, occasionally spot pigs and cows wandering around the terrain, and see the highly endangered Bali Starlings settling in the trees every afternoon.

You can also go snorkeling and see the superb Balinese coral reefs, or just enjoy the beach. We have very simple but comfortable, clean rooms available for individuals and groups. We currently have 4 twin rooms, 1 family room double bed with 2 bunk beds and a shared dormitory room with 4 separate beds.

All beds have clean bedding sheets, pillows and bedcovermosquito nets, and rooms have an electric fan no air-con. Our dormitory at Kubu Konservasi. Prices A daily donation is needed to cover your costs and to contribute to running the FNPF facilities and projects.With over 60 majors and programs, Eastern offers courses of study for almost everyone.

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