Write a press release for new product launching

Before the big launch date, you would hit the road and meet with reporters from all the important press outlets. Then on launch day, you could sit back and watch the articles roll in.

Write a press release for new product launching

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write a press release for new product launching

Ten years ago, people still relied on morning papers for news. People now have control over where, when, and how they consume information. Sounds pretty hopeless, right?

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While relationship-building still helps you get into popular publications, we now have the opportunity to quit playing the waiting game and generate our own buzz. One of the most crucial updates to make to your PR strategy is to think of press releases as an opportunity to connect to the audiences you care about — including, but not limited to, reporters.

A regular cadence of meaningful news can help a company stand out and build mindshare with journalists over time. A press release is an official announcement written or recorded that an organization issues to the news media and beyond.

Most press releases are succinct at just a page long — two pages, tops. Ultimately, companies want to provide enough information so that news outlets have sufficient material for publishing their own stories about whatever the company is announcing in the release.

Press releases live in the public domain, which means your customers and prospective customers can see them. So instead of thinking of a press release solely as a ticket to earning news coverage, you should also think of it as a valuable piece of marketing content.

How to Write a Press Release Make your headline irresistible. Offer a tempting quotable. Provide valuable background information on the subject. HubSpot is entirely responsible for the silliness of this faux announcement.

Make your headline irresistible. Just like writing the perfect blog post titlesetting up your press release for success starts with your headline.

Selling to Internal Audiences. Preparing to introduce a new product or service is a significant undertaking for any business. You have invested considerable time, money, and resources in developing a great product, honing your message, and planning your marketing activities, and you want those efforts to pay off. An app store release note is a short, blurb-like description that can take your user straight through to your product. It acts like a trailer for your new feature, so be enticing and succinct with what you include. First of all, target local business publications and anyone who you feel would be interested in the new site. Then move on to utilizing the press release process as a link-building exercise. If you write up a professional press release and use a resource like Press Release Jet to get the press.

You only have one line to work with, which can seem scary, but consider diction carefully to make your headline captivating. Most importantly, make it interesting: Keep in mind that reporters get dozens, if not hundreds, of releases each day, so invest the time to write a compelling headline.

For reporters, analysts, influencers, or followers to be inclined to share your announcement, you have to tell them upfront why they should care.

The first paragraph of your release should cover the who, what, why, where, and how of your new launch, update, or development. Ideally, quotes will be from key stakeholders in your company including your executive team, project leads, or those directly impacted by your announcement. Quoting key figures and authorities underlines the importance of your development.

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The chosen quote should shape your narrative and emphasize the core of the announcement. In this last paragraph, keep in mind that the reader already has all of the vital details and information they need to file a story or spread the word.

However, a press release needs to be helpful and concise. Offer details here that strengthen your narrative, like creative or noteworthy ways your company developed the project or announcement at hand.

Or, when applicable, comment on future implications of your announcement. If you cite data, include a reference link for the data source, and make sure every name in the release has an associated title and company as well.

To keep yourself honest on this front, ask a friend or colleague to read the release without context and ask if they can easily and readily explain why the announcement matters, what your company does, and why the executives included are quoted.

If the answer to any of those questions is no, get back to the drawing board.How to write an effective press release you might be excited about your new marketing director or the launch of your new product, but will anyone else be .

When they see hype in a press release headline, they usually don't bother reading the rest of the press release. If you write a headline like, "Fantastic new product solves all life's problems," the editor/writer will quickly toss the press release into the trash.

When you're done writing a press release, have someone check it for grammar mistakes, typos, and other errors. Also be sure to double check all links, facts, statistics, data, and contact information before you publish your press release.

Mar 16,  · Great companies are launching new products on a regular basis. But not every product is a smashing success.

I’ve launched several products, some of . Whether you’re launching a new program, service or product, a press release is a great way to get information and interest in your new item. Celebrities get their publicists to announce their new movies, appearances, books or product launches by sending out press releases to their media contacts.

Apple Newsroom is the source for news about Apple. Read press releases, get updates, watch video and download images. The all-new design pushes inch and inch Liquid Retina displays to the edges of iPad Pro. PRESS RELEASE.

All-new MacBook Air takes flight October 30,

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